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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

Seaweed started it all - celebrating 80 years



Sea Vegetation Supplement Company Celebrates 80th Anniversary

DALY CITY, CA. - One unlikely product has been the backbone of a small California food supplement company for 80 years. This product saved the life of the founder of Wachters? Organic Sea Products in the early 20s.

The product is sea vegetation. The founder was Dr. Joseph V. Wachter, a concert pianist turned visionary scientist, whose life was saved by sea vegetation used by the Inuit Eskimos in Alaska.

In light of the glut of high tech failures in recent times, few people could imagine that this old-fashioned small family business would be celebrating 80 years of successful operation, still making their products in small batches the way they did in 1932.

The story of how the company began truly inspiring. A promising Viennese pianist, young Wachter collapsed on stage in Hungary during an important concert after World War I, The diagnosis was tuberculosis and he was given a few months to live.

Wachter chose one last adventure, shipping off to the wilderness of Alaska. There he met Jack London, the famed American author, who introduced him to the healing ways of the Inuits. Using a variety of poultices, teas and potions all containing sea vegetation, the Inuits kept the youthful Wachter in their care. Within six months, he was completely cured and was sufficiently strong to walk - yes, walk - from Nome, Alaska, to New York City - a trip of over 10,000 miles!

By 1932, the now Dr. Wachter had opened his own company with its first product - sea vegetation. In the early years, he and his two sons harvested, dried, packaged and sold door-to-door Wachters? proprietary blend of over 14 species of sea vegetation. Now there are over 100 nutritional products, all infused with Wachters? unique blend of sea vegetation.

There is no other company in the world that recognizes the health benefits of sea vegetation in every one of their nutritional products. Wachters? field-testing indicates that sea vegetation increases the bio-availability of the ingredients in each product.

Additionally, Wachters? insists on a pharmaceutical grade of purity for their ingredients. Most supplement companies use only food-grade ingredients.

Finally, the effectiveness of Wachters? products is further increased by their old-fashioned manufacturing process of ?no-heat/no moisture.? This method ensures that there is no dilution or compromise of the quality of the ingredients. Quality assurance measurements are taken at every step of the manufacturing process.

Since 1932, Wachters? has quietly built an enviable world-wide reputation among discriminating clients and health professionals for unusually effective nutritional products.

For further information, contact Wachters? Home Office at 800-682-7100.

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