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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

Agnnes Kraweck 17th July 1929 -
 9th December 2021



It is with much sadness that a wonderful lady, my friend and business partner of many decades, AGNNES KRAWECK passed away last night 9th December 2021 I will miss her dearly. Colin Maxwell

  Agnnes is survived by her daughter Brenda and niece Wendy who have both spent many hours by her side the last month and prior.

The family of Agnnes have at this moment decided not to have a service for Agnnes (covid-19 makes this difficult), nor do they ask for any flowers or cards, but rather they ask that people leave their condolences and messages here. It is possible sometime later that a rememberance event will be held.

They also say that the best way to honour Agnnes is to follow her example: be positive; give compliments; and lift spirits.

Agnnes made a huge difference in the lives of many people young and old: Please add your comments or experience with her here

I never had the pleasure of meeting Agnnes but I did speak to her on the phone.

Her message was always one of hope and her calm, reassuring voice and presence was so very pleasing.
Appreciate so much how she shared her wisdom and experience.

    Donna   |  August 15, 2023


I meant Agnes in the early part of the 80s ,I knew immediately after meeting her that she was a very special person ,due to her near death experience ,she had the ability of reading the Aura around your body ,she often analyze my aura , and gave me tremendous insights .she was a very caring giving woman ,and very humble ,I can only hope that I will reach her level of consciousness before I pass ,God bless you Agnes

    Croft Harlingten   |  December 13, 2021


What a gift you were to us Agnnes ... your knowledge and ways you healed so many of us, your kindness and generosity, your knack of finding that leading edge information and sharing it with us, your amazing stories, and your friendship :) My world and all the world is truly a better place because of you.

    Maureen Ellis   |  December 12, 2021


Agnnes was a very dear friend. She touched many peoples' lives in a kind, supportive and gracious way.
I very much appreciated the knowledge and expertise she shared so selflessly and the many wonderful conversations we had over several decades. My family and I will miss her and cherish her memory.

    maxine   |  December 11, 2021


Those who touch our lives stay in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace beautiful Agnes.

    Nusha Robson   |  December 09, 2021


Rest In Peace Agnnes! You were much loved and admired. You lived a good life and helped many people. So many will be saddened by your passing.

    Yvonne Lloyd   |  December 09, 2021



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